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Social Responsibility:
In this day and age it takes a cohesive team to bring a project to fruition. J.L.S. Design sees itself as an interpreter of various team members needs, desires, and requirements. We are able to translate programmatic, environmental, and budgetary issues into data, which the contractor can replicate in three dimensions.
J.L.S. Design feels that as shapers of our communal environment, we have a "social responsibility" to the surrounding community of a particular project. Each project, whether it be planning or a specific structure, effects a vicinity reaching beyond the physical limits of the property lines. It is the team's responsibility to provide a solution, which addresses the communal issues as well as the specific project issues.

J.L.S Design's approach to design is the optimization of structural, materialistic, programmatic, environmental, and social factors resulting in efficient solutions. A thorough knowledge of building systems allows for "executable" resolutions utilizing "off-the-shelf" materials and methods employed in new, innovative, and economical forms. For instance, features such as natural light and structure can coexist and even enhance one another if fused during conception. The common alternative is to "shoe-horn" the structure in after the fact.

As a firm, J.L.S. Design is based on a tripartite theory of architectural practice; Business Development, Design, and Execution. The three components are integral in the success of a project and satisfaction of the client and firm. It is our belief that many firms typically capitalize on two-thirds of the equation. Plenty of "Business Development" and an abundance of "Design", however time and time again they fall short in "Execution". On the other hand, many firms provide adequate "Business Development" and may competently assemble a project ("Execution"), but are lacking in delivering "Design" to the client and the community. Many a firm can get you in the door with attractive presentations and renderings, yet the inability and lack of persistence in "Execution" is disgraceful. It is our responsibility as Architects to not only "Design" an aesthetically pleasing project, but one that renders a "buildable" solution (both physically and economically). "Architecture" is not "Architecture", until it is off the plans and you can actually walk through the project.

Hence, the J.L.S Design approach: every project, budget, site, and program dictates its own inherent solution. It is our responsibility to uncover the inherent solution, providing us with an intrinsic framework. This intrinsic framework provides the basis for deriving an "Executable" solution. "Business Development", "Design", and "Execution" are essential in delivering "Architecture".