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  Le Grange Residence

Project Data: 7,100 sq. ft. new single family dwelling
Location: Washoe County, Nevada
Description: Located between Reno, Nevada and Mt. Rose, the "La Grange"(the barn) Residence rests in rolling hills, covered with sagebrush, boulders, decomposed granite, and Sierra Nevada wildflowers. Subtle utilitarian barns and farmhouses throughout Nevada's high desert, influence the perceived exterior simplicity and modesty. A wolf in sheep's clothing. The owner's desire for "nondescript" public perception, transforms itself into intimate European scaled courts and plazas, with dynamic, sophisticated interior workings. A sequence of various scaled and proportioned spaces breaks down the seemingly massive scale facilitating an array of art display areas, while still performing as a residence, home office, library, and art studio. A drive-through garage / porte cochere was integrated, as bays of the barn, to subtly camouflage the ever-present "trophy case" of garage doors, which are inherent in projects of this magnitude.
Project Team:
Residential Designer:
Joel L. Sherman
J.L.S. Design

Structural Engineer:
Louis Woods & Tim Kenneally
Gabbart + Woods Structural Engineers

Clement Woods
Woods Energy Consultants