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  Scofield Lake house Residence

Project Data: 3,205 sq. ft. New Single Family Dwelling
Location: Donner Lake, California
Description: Huddled into the shadows of the Donner Peak, on a narrow flat lot at the southwest corner of Donner Lake, the Scofield Residence attempts to maintain the intimate scale and proportions of the tree damaged cabin which it replaces. The contradiction of the 60 year old vernacular 1,400 sq. ft. cabin being replaced with a 3,200 sq. ft. lakefront vacation rental, poised the greatest challenge. The inclusion of a garage space for two vehicles and increase setbacks further inhibited the ability to maintain the historic scale. However, in an attempt to avoid the ubiquitous modern day look of a large two plus car garage with people living in back (the equivalent to a "architectural mullet"; business up front party in the back), the new garages were split and camouflaged by changes in plane. The scale of the history Tahoe & Donner boathouse was sought, rather than the glorification of the car.

"Simple Elegance" was the overriding goal throughout. Despite the large program for a relative small property, a programmatic call for full accessibility at the lower level, and a limited budget, a very conscious effort was made to provide a dynamic exterior while simplifying the interior for cost effectiveness and simplicity of design.

Finally, the ultimate focus for this "lense of nature" is to fully utilize the lakefront location. Various plan and section configuration layouts and pop-out bays allow all but one of the bedrooms to enjoy direct lake views. As a consolation the final bedroom enjoys the best southwest exposure and quite an admirable view up the northeast flanks of Donner Peak.

Project Team:
Joel L. Sherman
J.L.S. Design

Kyle P. Frankland
KPF Construction
Structural Engineer:
Tim Kenneally
Gabbart + Woods Structural Engineers

Clement Woods
Woods Energy Consultants