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  Casa Do Lago (Donner Lakeside Pavilion)

Project Data: 2,800 sq. ft. New Single Family Dwelling & 600 sq. ft. detached studio w/ garage
Location: Donner Lake, California
Description: Lying in the shadows of Schallenberger Ridge on the south shore of Donner Lake, folded leaf-like rooftops cascade down the slope, enveloped in trunk-like plaster towers, establishing a lakeside pavilion. In an attempt to nestle into the hillside, surrounding Pines, Firs, Aspens, and Willows, and indigenous lakeside vegetation, the stone plinth grounds the dynamic towers and leaf-like pavilion elements. The dynamic plan facilitates interaction with the site and environment throughout the project.
Project Team:
Joel L. Sherman
J.L.S. Design

Dario Michael Passalalpi
DMP Contractors
John Holt / Mike Darrow,
JS Holt Constrcution

Structural Engineer:
Louis Woods
Gabbart + Woods Structural Engineers

Clement Woods
Woods Energy Consultants