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  Waxman Residence

Project Data: 5,340 sq. ft. New Single Family Dwelling, w/ 1,672 sq. ft. garage
Location: Nevada City, California
Description: Provide an organic / dynamic / flowing collection of site generated / site specific spaces for living and entertaining. Facilitate a large program, yet still generating varying scale and intimacy of space. Establish a multitude of spaces to exhibit her personal works, collected works, and creative space to generate future work. Design embracing the artist owner's love of color to compliment the collection rather than the ubiquitous "vanilla" banal museum, which is hardly conducive to living.

Nestled into the rust colored rich soil of the Sierra Nevada foothills (in Nevada City, California), the Waxman Residence emerges from the hillside complimenting rather than dominating the surrounding manzanitas, cedars, pines, madrones, sculptural black oaks and granite boulder caps. Amidst the 21 acre parcel and poised over Willow Valley & Mosquito Creek, the Zinc colored arch form echoes the numerous weathered granite protrusions throughout the surrounding area, the master suite /dining room corten steel shed is reminiscent of the vernacular utilitarian mining sheds. The form, the layout, the materials, and the detailing all stem from the Owner's various and sometime conflicting desires. Providing numerous wall planes for predetermined works of art while still creating visual vignettes. Instituting the perception of an organic, flowing plan while still maintaining a tight budget, was achieved by structurally insolating serpentine-like sandblasted CMU site walls that occasionally slide through the structure. Also, in an effort to coexist with the property, the plan consciously meanders through the forest floor establishing a hierarchy of courts and plazas. Extensive use of clerestories, mitered glass corners, glass saw-cut into walls, and material extension from inside to out, sustains the natural light utilization and indoor / outdoor spatial transition. Presenting an established processional guest entry sequence from road to living room, while screening the Owner / service access was an additional request. Furthermore, in an effort to gel these among other programmatic issue together a consistent detailing language is employed from stem to stern.

Project Team:
Joel L. Sherman
J.L.S. Design

John Hagen
J.L.C. Group, Inc.

Structural Engineer:
Tim Kenneally
Gabbart + Woods Structural Engineers

Clement Woods
Woods Energy Consultants