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  Scott Meek & Son Concrete Office Building

Awards: Nevada A.I.A. 2000 Honor Award
Notes: (Collaboration of Angela Bigotti and Joel Sherman)
Project Data: 1,500 sq. ft. Commercial Office and Supply yard
Location: Reno, Nevada
Description: A total economy of materials assembled in a simple yet creative manor provides a feasible, dynamic alternative to the Owners proposed "Butler Building." Basically rectangular in plan with a corner carved out , an 8 ft. tall colored concrete wall slashes through the site and structure, defining a clear public / private designation. Maximum use of materials utilized on module, enables a viable solution. 8 ft. and 12 ft. high walls, studs and trusses at 2 ft. centers, and the same truss throughout, provides a simplistic backdrop to showcase the Owner's business and skills. Innovative, off-the-shelf detailing holds the project together as a cohesive simple statement.
Project Team:
Angela Bigotti, Architect
Joel L. Sherman, Res. Designer

Owner Builder

Structural Engineer:
Louis Woods
Gabbart + Woods Structural Engineers

Clement Woods
Woods Energy Consultants