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  Sage Grouse Run Residence

Project Data: 3,200 sq. ft. new single family dwelling w/ 1,100 sq. ft. garage/storage
Location: Truckee, California
Description: On a plateau overlooking the Truckee river, the Sage Grouse Run Residence emerges from the sage covered forest floor. Rather than the typical vista orientation plan (prevalent to the region), the cruciform plan's four implied courts, plazas, and patios attempt to embrace the 20 acres. The southeast entry and southwest plaza lend themselves to public functions, while the northwest patio and northeast service quadrant lend themselves to private uses. The "Prairie House" homage integrates regional Tahoe, the owner's desires, along with site influenced responses, manifested in a blend of cantilevered roofs, stone columns / towers, and a generous use of glazing. Extended trays of space and planes floating beyond the corner glass, obscure interior / exterior definition. The dichotomy of the Owner's desire for "Old Tahoe" perception, and contemporary programmatic sensibilities, establish a "simple yet elegant" solution huddling subtly in the midst of their own private forest.
Project Team:
Joel L. Sherman
J.L.S. Design

DMP Contractors

Structural Engineer:
MFT Consulting Engineers

Clement Woods
Woods Energy Consultants